We need donations for our Cinderella Fund which pays for emergency surgeries and treatments for the neediest pets in our care.  https://fchsmo.networkforgood.com/projects/150776-cinderella-fund-2022 In 2021 we spent $15,915 to save or improve the lives of over 35 pets.  We treated dogs with heartworms and kittens with ringworms.  We saved a dog who had Parvovirus, provided amputation surgeries to pets who had devastating injuries, and more.  Meet some of the pets who have recently been saved by our Cinderella Fund:

This year we want to raise $20,000 so we are ready to pay for emergency medical treatment for pets who deserve a second chance at life.  We are grateful for you donations. https://fchsmo.networkforgood.com/projects/150776-cinderella-fund-2022