We use newspapers in all of our puppy cages! We go through stacks and stacks of papers everyday. Any donations of newspapers are greatly appreciated and put to good use!!

Not only do we need papers constantly donated to us, we also need volunteers to help unfold them! This can be done either here at the shelter, or at your home. Having Volunteers to unfold papers allow the shelter staff to spend more time caring for the animals.

When unfolding papers, open them up that so they make one large paper in which we can lay in the bottom of the cages. Please remove any single sheets or glossy print ads, as they do not lay correctly in the cages.

Stack the papers on top of each other until you have a stack of about 2 inches.

You can then roll them and tie a string around them to secure the papers during transport to the shelter.

You can drop of rolled or unrolled papers anytime during our open business hours, or you can leave them in the green benches by our front door if we are not open.




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