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FCHS wants to help you find your lost pet. Your pets should always be microchipped and wear ID tags, and you should keep good photos of your pets in a safe place in case they are ever lost. Come to the shelter right away with your photo and file a Lost Pet Report and we'll be on the lookout.

If you cannot come to the shelter to look right away, fill out our online lost or found form and send it in to us, along with the form, please email A PHOTO to fchsfrontdesk@gmail.com, or fax the form to (636) 583-8850. Come in to look as soon as you can, as we cannot guarantee that a Lost Report will have enough information to positively identify your pet in the shelter.

Here are several suggestions to help you find him:


Bring two photo LOST posters to post at the shelter -- it can be difficult to pinpoint your brown tabby in a sea of brown tabbies! Then look here for your pet. Come to the shelter and look FREQUENTLY for your pet.


File a Lost Pet Report with us and attach the second photo. Check with neighbors, UPS or postal carriers, and neighboring businesses.


Walk around your neighborhood calling his name. Enlist friends and family who know your pet in the canvas of the neighborhood.


Check with your police department or animal control.


Alert your veterinarian about your lost pet.


Post LOST posters in the area he was lost (and be a good citizen and take them down when your pet is found!)


Try posting your LOST or FOUND PET notice and photo at

Franklin County Humane SocietyFranklin County Missouri Lost and Found Pets on their Facebook page
Franklin County MO Lost and Found Facebook

Franklin County Humane Society Findtoto http://www.findtoto.com/

Franklin County Humane Society Craigslist http://stlouis.craigslist.org/ Franklin County

Please be a good citizen and notify us when your pet is found!


Call your radio station and ask if you can call in a lost pet report.


When you've located your pet, bring him to the shelter or to your vet for a microchip to get him home if he goes missing again!


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