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Here we showcase the joys of our pets going home! Whether you adopted recently or you adopted years ago, we love to see pictures and hear the happy tails of our once shelter residents in their new homes!  See more Happy Stories on our Facebook page.

Happy stories can be emailed to: FCHS@FCHSMO.org



Buddy Boy in his new home.


Buddy Boy, AKA, Fargo. Sleeping in his new bed, at his new home, in Clarksville, MO.

Buddy Boy is doing well, he likes to eat! We have to watch him so he won't get fat! He

is a little bit anxious when we walk, I have a sore arm, but I got him a pulling harness, lets see

if it works! He knows his new name and he is a lover boy. He has had a little

problem with potty traingin, but Yesterday and Today are better. Let's hop he continues on that

path.  I sure do love him and am so grateful that I found him on Beagle Rescue.

Thanks again and again!






Franklin County Humane Society



Noah & KeeksMy name is Sara. We adopted Noah and Keeks two years ago. And they have been a joy ever since. They are both doing wonderfully and seem to love each other as much as they did before. Noah is still very cautious of people he doesn't know and usually doesn't come out. But he had gotten used to both mine and my husband's parents. Keeks is just as friendly as ever and always comes out to greet guests. They are still both very playful and very talkative.  As you can see in the pic below Keeks loves when we buy water because no matter how many toys we buy her the water container is still her favorite. They have both become our own personal bug killers which comes in handy for me since I am so afraid of bugs  :)

Anyway I just wanted to give you an update and let you know they were doing wonderfully and say how grateful we are for them! We love them so much and would be lost without them. Hope you enjoy the pictures :)  




Franklin County Humane Society

Dear Franklin County Humane Society:                                                                            Calypso in her new home.

This is Calypso writing to tell you all about my new home. I didn't know what to expect on January 16th when my new mommy and daddy came to get me. I have a home to romp and play in, but my favorite place is the window where mom and dad feed the birds. They are a lot of fun to watch! I also like to sleep on my daddy's chair when he leaves his lap blanket in it.

I have two sisters. Tipper, which you met when mommy and daddy came to get me. She doesn't pay much attention to me, even when I try to get her to play with me. She does let me snuggle with her when I get cold. My other sister is Kiki. I didn't think she liked me, because she hissed at me a lot when I first got to my new home, but now she plays noses with me and we both play together when dad gets out my favorite toy. It is a couple of feathers on a long ribbon attached to a stick. I LOVE playing with this toy and when daddy doesn't play with me, I get it off the counter, or table, or cabinet, and bring it to him so he will play with me. I also like to help with anything on the dining room table. Mom says she sent you a picture of me helping put together a puzzle. I help move the pieces around for her and bring her some pieces that I think will fit. It is a lot of fun. I also help Tipper find her food by pushing pieces around the house for her every time mom fills her bowl.

Every morning before mom and dad go to work I get a can of cat food for breakfast, and since Kiki only likes the gravy, I get to help finish her breakfast. And if I have been a good girl all day, I get a little milk in the evening. You would be proud, I have almost gained a whole pound since I have been here. After seeing my new vet, he stated that I need to gain some weight, but all of my blood work looked great. I don't know what that means, but I guess I am doing good. Mom has sent a letter from the vet to inform you of how good I have been.

I want to thank everyone there for taking such good care of me until mom and dad showed up and to keep up the good work!!!



                                                                Franklin County Humane Society

I just wanted to let you know we adopted our dog (Buddy) from you at the pet expo in             

St. Charles in 2014. We found the perfect dog and addition to our family. I always

knew we needed a second dog for our first rescue dog Joey. Everyone needs a

friend of their own kind, and I am glad I waited for the perfect pet for us which we

found in "Buddy."I just wanted to let you know that we named him Cooper- we

already had a family dog named Buddy, and that he is very happy, as is every member

of our family, including our first dog, Joey. If people could see Cooper and realize

how wonderful rescue dogs are,I believe more would adopt. We could not have

ordered a more perfect dog!

Here is a photo of Cooper (in the front, black dog). He could be the poster dog

for adoptions!!!!

Best Wishes!!


Franklin County Humane Society

     I just wanted to share this picture with you all. This is Sassy. I am not sure what her name  was when she was with you all considering how long we have had her. We adopted Sassy in 2002. Since then she hasbeen the queen of our house! She definitely lives up to her name and shows her three cat brothers who is the real boss. She has been a wonderful addition to our house for the past 13 years and hopefully we will have many more with this royal one! Thanks for all your hard work!










Franklin County Humane Society

Hi there, Remy

We adopted Remy from the Franklin County Humane Society in January and back then you knew her as Tinsel.

Remy was just about 9 weeks old when we brought her home in January and last week we celebrated her first birthday. (with a few milk bones and peanut butter of course) We wanted to give you a quick update on how she is doing and let you know how happy we are to have her in our family!

We think Remy is pretty happy to be here too.....she is fabulous with kids, dogs, neighbors and everyone in between. Our nieces and nephews often call just to check on how Remy is and always remind us we have to bring her when we visit. Remy is a huge fan of all their love and attention so it is a perfect match!

Since we both work full time, Remy attends daycare a couple days a week so she can work out some of her energy and have fun doing it. She definitely thinks she is the belle of the ball at daycare and we are so happy we found such a great place for her to run/play/socialize. She has also made several friends in the neighborhood too and loves the puppy play dates she hosts in our back yard!

Remy is such an important part of our little family and we can't thank you enough for introducing us. We love her so much and we will always be grateful to the Franklin County Humane Society for rescuing her for us!!

Thank you for all the work you do!

-Brianne & Noah


Franklin County Humane Society


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